This professional entertainer began his career as a professional photographer in the late 1980's. Gregory Wigfall's lush images and mastery behind the lens make him one of Connecticut's premier cinematographers. 

Gregory’s unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. 

Gregory is  comfortable and relaxed in both the studio and shooting on location, possessing the uncanny ability to be creative even under pressure. He is the recipient of a student short film award "Best Produced Short Film" prize for his short "The Chase Hughes Story." 

He has received training from nationally recognized instructors through out the country. In 2008, he completed a certified film course with the Connecticut Film Industry. He Produced and Directed a Webisode, “A  Prune Is Bigger Than A Raisin” which is Gregory Carlton Wigfall’s version of the Younger Family from the Hit Broadway Play, “A Raisin In The Sun”. This Webisode propels the Younger family forward 2 ½ generations into the year 2008. His leadership and commitment keeps him on the cutting edge of technology. 

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